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GUEST POST: Streamline your Vaping Pleasure and Experience by Using the Best Drip Tips

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Streamline your Vaping Pleasure and Experience by Using the Best Drip Tips

By Elena Tahora

Buyers shopping for e-cig kits often do not consider that there are a lot of different kinds of drip tips available. Many of them are happy with whatever that comes with their atomizers as long as the drips don’t sear their lips, which could really leave a bad burn scar.

However, with some experimentation, vaping enthusiasts might discover that playing with various drip tips will actually have a positive impact on vaping.

These have a notable effect of factors such as heat distribution, flavor, airflow, vapor temperature, as well as the density of the vapor. For other vapers, these components are only a matter of style and fashion.

Here are some interesting facts about drip tips:

  • Shorter drip tips cause warm vapor
  • Longer drip tips cause cooler vapor
  • Drips tips that are a bit wide create more vapor
  • Drips that are a little narrow produce a concentrated flavor

Narrow Drip Tips

These drip tips limit airflow, resulting in enhanced flavor. However, they produce smaller clouds. People who love to smoke concentrated and enhanced flavors should choose this type of drip tip. These components are usually chosen by vapers who love to smoke at lower wattages that are around 10-20 watts.

Wide Drip Tips

Most commonly popular among cloud-chases, wider tips are designed to produce a big amount of airflow. With that being said, there is no question these types of tips will enable you to exhale excessive amounts of vapor. But these drips dramatically minimize the flavor derived from an e-juice.

Short Drip Tips

These are designed to produce warm vapor. This is something that most people prefer and you will often come across short drip tips engineered for high wattages. A major reason being is the fact that the less distance traveled by the vapor, the more intense the flavor becomes.

The only way to keep your lips from burning using short drips tips at high wattages is to opt for a model constructed out of glass, ceramic or Delrin. These materials do not become hot like a metal tip.

Long Drip Tips

When vaping, people have to immediately get their mouths away from the atomizer as soon as they inhale the flavor, which is what often results in reduced flavor concentration. However, this will also help you steer clear from burning your lips, particularly when you are using a drip tip made from metal. The added length of the component also enables the vapor to cool a notch or two before it reaches your mouth. Go for a these drips tips if you like to enjoy a cooler vape.

What Should You Opt For?

Many vapers don’t pay much attention to choosing specific drip tips. A large number of devices should do just fine, provided they are built with topnotch atomizers. However, it is important to state that buying different drip tips is a matter of personal preference. Go with what you think is going to enhance your vaping experience. This is why opting for custom tips a great idea.

If you see a drip tip that is compatible with your atomizer, you can easily find several items that are available in the market. The thing to look out for while buying the right products is the functionality it offers. A drip tip that not only successfully enhances your vaping experiences but also compliments your own unique style is a valuable purchase.