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How To Make Your Own e-Juice


Ready to dive in to making ejuice! Just follow our easy guide. 

Making ejuice is not rocket science. Yes, it's nice to know that your favorite juice company works out of a cleanroom lab and the employees aren't letting dust and dirt get in your vape juice, but actually making juice is not that hard. If you can bake a cake, you can make your own ejuice!

The first thing you need is a software tool called E-Juice Me Up. It will guide you through the process and do all of the math for you. Next, you need your ingredients:

- Nicotine (ideally diluted in Propylene Glycol to 100mg, but any mg strength will do)

- Flavors

- Vegetable Glycerin

And that's about it! Enter the numbers into E-Juice Me Up, and it will tell you how many mL of each ingredient to use for whatever size batch you want to make - whether you're going to make 30mL of ejuice or 1L of ejuice, the numbers will change in the software. Use your syringes to put the ingredients into your glassware or bottle, seal it up and shake! That's basically it!

Let your juice steep for a few days if the flavour seems bitter, sharp, or muted. Once the colour changes, it's ready to vape!